National Adoption Month

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Observing Adoption Awareness Month

Each year, November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. While all adoption-related issues are important, the particular focus of this month is the adoption of children currently in foster care.

Activities and celebrations are kicked off with a Presidential Proclamation, and while efforts made at the national level certainly help build awareness of adoption, participation in local programs, events, and activities by those of us with a direct connection to adoption can often be the most effective way to promote positive perceptions, debunk the myths, and draw attention to the tens of thousands of children in foster care who wait and hope for permanent families. Our photolisting is one of the Internet's largest one-source listing of waiting children.

National Adoption Month 2012

2012 is an exciting year for National Adoption Month. As it always has been and as it always will be, the focus for November is finding loving, permanent homes for the foster children who are waiting to be adopted. But this year marks a modern twist--social media and digital efforts. This year's theme is: "National Adoption Month--Virtually: Adoption in the Digital Age." The U.S. Department of Human Services knows that social media and social networking allow information to be shared easily, quickly, and effectively, and this month's focus is on sharing, educating, and informing others about the 104,000 foster children in the United States who are currently waiting to find their forever families. To join the cause, log in to any or all of your social networking accounts and spread the word. Update your blog and share your own story to help inspire others. You can get involved without ever leaving your home. However, if you're looking for a hands-on opportunity, communities across the country are coming together to help foster children in need. And you're an essential part of this effort! Help make 2012's National Adoption Month the best one yet!

30 Days of Ideas

Celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month with a new activity every day. With 5 years of NAM Calendars to browse you'll find countless ideas and activities that are fun for the whole family. Here's a sampling of one of our best years:

November 2011

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Adoption Month History

The first major effort to promote awareness of the need for adoptive families for children in the foster care system occurred in Massachusetts. In 1976, then-Governor Mike Dukakis proclaimed Adoption Week and the idea grew in popularity and spread throughout the nation. President Gerald Ford made the first National Adoption Week proclamation, and in 1990, the week was expanded to a month due to the number of states participating and the number of events.

During the month, states, communities, public and private organizations, businesses, families, and individuals celebrate adoption as a positive way to build families. Across the nation, activities and observances such as recognition dinners, public awareness and recruitment campaigns, and special events spotlight the needs of children who need permanent families. It also includes National Adoption Day, traditionally a Saturday, which is observed in courthouses across the nation as thousands of adoptions are finalized simultaneously.

Get Involved & Plan Ahead

Promoting awareness can be done through planned events and campaigns, gatherings and celebrations, and simple everyday activities. These are all opportunities to educate ourselves and others about adoption and about issues surrounding adoption. With a little advance planning, our efforts can work wonders. Even one family for one child is a success.

Plan Activities

Use the Free Materials in our Tool Kit

Involve Elected Officials and Candidates
Even in non-election years, elected officials at all levels are supportive of efforts to build adoption awareness. Both current officials and candidates should be receptive to invitations to participate in events with family appeal. Don't be surprised if your invitations to speak, appear at, or host an Adoption Awareness event are readily accepted. And don't forget to suggest that public figures issue proclamations of their own!

Get an Early Start
Make your plans well in advance if you want to involve politicians.

Talk to the Press
Before contacting the media with announcements and press releases, do your homework. Talk to your local social services department or your State Adoption Specialist to make sure you have numbers, contact information for your organization and state social welfare offices to give media representatives, and a plan for handling information requests.

A Positive look at adoption from the founder of

Co-founder and President of Adoption Media, LLC Dale Gwilliam was a featured guest on The James Gang of Fox News Radio 600 KCOL. In recognition of National Adoption Awareness month the radio station is featuring guests who are making a difference in the adoption world by sharing their experiences and valuable information. Radio talk show host and interviewer Scott James and his wife Julie are the proud parents of an adopted child. Click here to enjoy the live broadcast. The podcast is titled The James Gang 11/02/07 6:00pm.

More Resources & Ideas for National Adoption Awareness Month

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Lawrence - 2 years ago
0 0 1
How can you feel good about what you are doing if the possibilty exists that the child you are adopting was wrongfully taken from good loving parents by bad DCS workers. The Auditor General found "egregious" conduct in the part of child a safety specialists and their supervisors . Staff was predetemining removals prior to the mandatory decision making meetings with the families DCS agreed and admitted that much as fact Also pointed out were 200 cases that one worker alone "unnecessarily" removed children from their homes and families with no mention of any of those children ever being returned . Parents have been saying this for years and up until now have beem treated with denial and denigration . Top that all off with millions of dollars "unaccounted" for and there may be some doubt ad to the veracity of what DCS tells foster and adoptive parents about why the children were removed. All in all ,as people who are trying to help children, could you really feel good about helping dest #1
terry - 2 years ago
0 0 1
EMPTY ARMS Oh, what a mother goes through, When she gives up baby blue. Days when I couldn't get out of bed, Days full of nothing but dread. A broken heart seemingly beyond repair, Looking out the window with a hollow stare. Thinking about when I was a little girl, Dancing with dad, giving me a twirl. Why did everything turn out so wrong, Oh, to start over how I long. How can it be, I've lost a part of me. Can I ever turn the page, Move beyond this painful stage? My heart broken in two, A deep shade of dark blue. God, I pray if you are real, It is the time for You to reveal. The emptiness seems beyond repair, Days like this, I just don't care. Is there grace enough these days, Is it time to be the one who prays? Help me place my trust in You, By default, nothing else I can do. Is that a smile I see on Your face, Your love for me beyond time and space? I chose life for baby blue, A mother's love through and through. I trust in eternity, Where I eventually l #2
Rose Mark - 8 months ago
Are you interested in adoption, but not sure where to begin? Our Center receives numerous inquiries daily from prospective adoptive parent(s) who desire information about the adoption process as well as information about our services including domestic adoptions, open adoptions, and pregnant adoptions etc. As some inquiries are from prospective adoptive parent(s) who are "considering" adoption, and others are from prospective adoptive parent(s) who are "actively pursuing" an adoption plan,contact us now on: stjoneorphanagehome @ y a ho o .com Or call 1 4 8 4 4 4 5 03 9 0. #3
Linda - 3 years ago
0 0 1
I have never been so upset as to the way Riverpark hospital in McMinnville, Tn. treated my daughter in law and my adopted granddaughter. The birth mother choice private adoption. The hospital didn't approve. Addison was the 1st baby of 2015 and was not recognized as such because my son and his wife adopted her. The birth mother/father and family felt as we do about her not being acknowledged. The hospital placed Addison and my daughter in law in a room as far from nurses station as they could. The refused to check on Addison, they had to be asked to bring milk and other supplies to room. They treated all parties involved badly. Adoption is a beautiful thing. They need to realize that and not try to make any of the parties feel badly about their choices. #4
elaine - 3 years ago
0 0 2
are there any resources for people who have met bio family and had heartache and disappointment from this? if so, I am interested in any. #5
Samantha Klein - 2 years ago
0 0 0
I was adopted by a wonderful family at age 4. October 17th,1983. My family still celevrates my "I gotcha day". My biological so called parents sold memto men while being na baby/toddler. Physically and mentally abused each other and me. Even leaving a bottle on the stove as they went tomparty and the house burnt totally down. Thank then lord for the dog who pulled me from the couch near the door so they firreman could find me. My parents tookma damaged fournyr old and gave me the most amazing life. #6
Guest - 2 years ago
0 0 0
A comment for Linda about Addion not being allowed to be the First child of 2015. Was the baby already a ward of the state? If the birth parent(s) already signed over their rights to the social worker, the hospital must follow the Hippa laws and the child's anonymity much be preserved. IF not the case, then I also am appalled at the hospital for not asking the birth mom if it was okay to share her news. However, such attention could have backfired on the adoption proceedings regarding the birth father's status. #7
Katie - 2 years ago
0 0 0
I would like to plan an event at my church in Nov of 2016 for National Adoption Day...When is the day in the next year? I want to plan something nice because we have a few families who have adopted and a few prospects. Thank you. #8
Virginia - 3 years ago
0 0 1
I have a big sister (Danielle Joyce) who was adopted by Louise Whitfield some 40 years ago in Maryland. I have been searching for my sister for years. I have not found her yet, but I am not giving up! #9
Bel - 2 years ago
0 0 0
I met a child on a local beach on LI, she was part of a Russian adoption camp here for 3 weeks. Eight months later I was crawling over the ice #10
Sandy - 3 years ago
0 0 1
I am a birth mother. I never saw or held my son. He found me this Sept 2014. He is 45 yrs old, has a wonderful family, and had wonderful parents. I have been blessed to meet him. #11
Luz - 4 years ago
0 0 1
I think any loving family should be allowed to adopt! #12
Madison Brown - 2 years ago
0 1 0
I was adopted at 5 with a younger brother and so thankful everyday for the wonderful family who see us as always being their children from the beginning. Adoption is a beautiful in every single way . #13

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